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Derek Rutherford : Hon. Secretary

Derek Rutherford

Hon. Secretary

As retirement from full time work beckoned I wanted to ensure I had interests in place to challenge me in the coming years.  Although I hadn't picked up a paint brush since schooldays I'd always maintained a passing interest in art so decided to enrol at an evening class.  This progressed to further classes and eventually membership of the SGA.  The challenges art presents are in direct contrast to those of my working life and have broadened my outlook and opened a whole new discipline of thought and expression.  I would recommend the subject to anyone looking for a new interest.
Sandra Hammer. B.A. Hons.(Fine Art) : Chair

Sandra Hammer. B.A. Hons.(Fine Art)


I am passionate about making art and encouraging others to explore  their creative abilities.

I am a landscape painter who works on a large scale, often collaging previous work into new surfaces so that they become a reflection
of the process of making art rather than just an image. I believe no creative work is ever wasted and that just doing it adds something to ones life.
Derek Flint : Treasurer

Derek Flint


I have a very simple task as Treasurer – I count the income and pay the bills, hopefully in that order.

Art was never my forte at school but over the years I have come to appreciate its cultural significance and I am now amazed at the breadth of people’s talent.
Margaret Gill : Committee Member

Margaret Gill

Committee Member

I trained and worked as a doctor. I was always interested in drawing, but only started to
paint in 1996 with a small box of watercolours in St Ives, of all places! As my interest grew I decided to pursue it at art school, partly out of curiosity and to see what I could learn.

My work starts with an image or form loosely based on nature or the human body. As the work develops over days or weeks, the colours, textures and forms take over until the final image emerges. After that, it is a matter of tweaking and trying not to lose it again!

MA Fine Art UCA Farnham 2010
BA Visual Art Winchester School of Art, 2006

Sandra Hammer

Byford House, Winterslow Road, Porton SP4 OLF

0980 619404

Derek Rutherford
3 Tidworth Road, Porton, SP4 ONJ
01980 610920

Derek Flint

Duffryn House, 20 Burford Road,Salisbury SP2 8AN

01722 336445

Exhibitions Secretary

Post Vacant

Public Relations and Assistant Exhibitions Membership
Post Vacant

Event Bookings Manager
Post Vacant

Susan Wiltshire
Meadowbank, Grimstead Road, Whaddon, SP5 3EE
01722 710267

Committee Members
Mrs. Jane Taylor


Aims of Salisbury Group of Artists

The Salisbury Group of Artists exists for the advancement and practice of painting and all its allied arts including printing, sculpture, textile, installation, performance, sound, light, video or digital. Membership is open to all who apply for entry and to existing members who wish to renew their membership.

Non members are welcome to talks and painting days without notice but by prior application when requested to events or workshops. The fee for visits will depend on the destination.

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