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A weekly drop-in for members of SGA, held on Fridays at the Bemerton Methodist Church Hall from 2pm until 4pm or a little later.  £2 per session includes tea/coffee and cake.  All abilities.  Enquiries to Jane, 01722 744534,

Programme for March and April 2018

(totally optional, you might prefer to just bring your own work)

March 2nd – REFLECTIONS.  We’ll set up a still life with reflective objects;  if you have anything suitable please bring it – a small mirror perhaps, or shiny objects.  Or you may prefer to paint or draw reflections in water from references.

March 9th – BOATS- Maybe you did a composition last week of reflections of boats in water.  Not always easy to get the curves of the hull in perspective or the masts or rigging to look right.  So, another opportunity to practise.

March 16th – FINISHING SESSION – We’ve probably all got artwork that we’ve started but not finished so here is a chance to catch up.

March 23rd – SPRING FLOWERS – I love to see spring flowers after the dreariness of winter.  We could bring some flowers from our gardens or a pot of bulbs from the garden centre and share what we have.


April 6th – OPTICAL ILLUSION AND ‘TROMPE L’OEIL’ – Some of us were at the illustrated talk by Michael Dillon last year and were amazed by the skill and ambitiousness of his murals etc., or maybe you are a fan of Rex Whistler.  We shall look at examples of artwork that appears to be what it is not and maybe try some smaller-scale work of our own.

April 13th – ‘THROUGH THE WINDOW’ – Following last week’s subject, a painting looking as if it is a view from a window might be fun, or maybe set our easels up in front of the kitchen window of the hall where we meet and sketch or paint the lovely view across to Harnham.  The hall has other windows too, with maybe a view of the sky?

April 20th – TOWERS AND TALL BUILDINGS – From reference.  Maybe this is a subject we don’t attempt very often.

April 27th – WORKING FROM PHOTOS AND SKETCHES  – We’ll look at some interesting ways of using reference material so that we are not just duplicating what we have in front of us.







Friday Art Programme for January and February 2018








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