Friday Art

We meet at Bemerton Methodist Church, Roman Road, Bemerton SP2 9BH on Friday afternoons 2pm – 4.30pm (or up to 5pm)

Any questions, please contact Jane on 01722 744534 or

All welcome to this regular event. £1 per week inc. tea.




December 8th – Christmas still life.  Please bring anything Christmassy (decorations, plants etc.) which we’ll use to set up a large still life and/or some smaller ones to work from.  Bring your own chosen medium.

December 15th – CHRISTMAS CONSEQUENCES – (some light-hearted fun  from which we might even learn something!).  Bring your own choice of medium.  We will each begin a painting/drawing then after a while swap with someone and we’ll continue to work on what each other has started, then after a time pass that onto the next person and so on …  It will be interesting to see what we end up with.

This will be our last session before Christmas.  We meet again on 5th January 2018.

Friday Art Programme for January and February 2018

January 5th – Birds – using photographs and/or your own sketches from life, we’ll attempt to depict ‘our feathered friends’.  Bring your own choice of medium.

January 12th – Light, shade and shadow.  Where we put our lights and darks can make or break a painting or drawing.  We’ll look at a variety of examples and I’ll also set up a simple still life with a lamp to help us see the effect of light on a subject.  Your own choice of medium.

January 19th – Snow scene – As somebody said to me recently, ‘Snow isn’t just white’.  We’ll have a go at some snow scenes, using reference material and/or imagination, and also look at some examples of how other artists have tackled the subject.

January 26th – Figures.  Putting people into landscapes or streets and harbour scenes can stop our paintings looking lifeless – so long as we manage to get them to look convincing.  Bring your sketchbook, pencils, crayons and charcoal as well as any other medium you want to use.  We’ll have a look at a variety of references and maybe pose for each other to do some quick sketches.

February 2nd – Finishing session.  Bring some thing to finish or re-work.

February 9th – Composition.  We’ll look at different ways of composing a picture.  We don’t have to draw exactly what’s in front of us, whether working from a still life, sketching a view, or using a photo for reference, but can adjust or re-arrange objects as we choose.  Seeing how other artists have used their subject matter can free us to ‘do something different’.

February 16th – Paths.  A path can ‘lead us into a landscape’ or cut it in half!  Bring your own choice of medium and we can tackle landscapes with a path, even putting a path in where it doesn’t really exist.  After all, it’s your picture, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

February 23rd – Steps.  Steps in a picture can make a really interesting feature or focal point.  I think this might partly be because there are often sharply defined contrasts of light and shade which ‘draw the viewer’s eye’.  Bring your own choice of medium and any reference material you may have, and I’ll also try to bring some useful examples.





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