Salisbury Sketchers – 2018


Come and try your hand at ‘en plein air’ drawing and painting  with the Salisbury Sketchers.  Future dates are:

Sunday 6th May 10.30am – 4.00pm – Old Sarum Airfield.  Meet at the Café.

Old Sarum Airfield is situated north of Salisbury 9SP4 6DZ) and is well signed.  The manager has confirmed that we can sketch and paint at any time during the day.  There will be a Vintage Motorbike Rally (pre 1926) and Relay from 8.30am and light aircraft will be flying during the day.  Good views towards Old Sarum earthworks.  We will be able to use the café and facilities.

Wednesday 6th June 10am

Wednesday 18th July 10am

August dates and times to be announced

Wednesday 26th September 10am

Venues to be announced



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