Salisbury Sketchers – Sketching Sessions at Arundells

Loraine Sherlock will be sketching at Arundells on Sunday 12th May and Tuesday 14th May from 2.00 pm until 4.15 pm.  She hopes that members will be able to join her on one or both of these sessions in the lovely garden that runs down to the river and where there is so much to inspire, including the house itself and view of the Cathedral, flower beds and people wandering.  Something for everybody.

If you have never had the courage to venture outside, do come along as she will be at the gallery to begin with to talk about sketch books and showing different ways of working with them.  For the inexperienced she suggests that you try to keep your equipment light, but also think in advance about what you might need.  Here are some suggestions – you don’t necessarily need to bring it all.

A small lightweight folding stool or seat

A sketch book and/or good quality cartridge paper clipped on a board (an elastic band or bulldog clips are useful to hold paper down if windy)

Drawing tools – pencils/pens etc.

A water bottle and/or a water brush pen

Small paint set and a couple of brushes, or water colour pencils are useful for outdoor work

Charcoal and pastels are both good mediums for using outside as you don’t need to worry about the dust, though you will need a small fixing spray to set the work.

A small glue stick (Loraine often finds bits to stick on her pages)

Some sheets of kitchen paper

And finally, if it is hot and sunny (she hopes!) a hat, glasses, and a midge spray (especially if you sit by the river).  Something to drink.

We will have access to the toilet situated in the gallery.

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch please email: or phone 01722 326280.


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