As you may have read in our most recent newsletter the committee is taking steps to postpone or cancel part of our 2020 programme for the time being with a review in the future depending upon how things work out.

WORKSHOPS with Terry and Sandra are postponed with a refund or an option to transfer payment to rescheduled sessions (please do not contact us we will contact you to keep things simple).  We plan to reschedule Terry and Sandra’s workshops.  It is also proposed to postpone or cancel Carolyne Viney’s workshop on May 16th.

FRIDAY ART we must suspend Friday Art immediately.  We will continue to plan for May onwards and review the calendar monthly.

KEEP GOING:  making art is what we do.  We must not stop.  We look forward to hearing from you with pictures and perhaps little arty stories to put into future newsletters.  We will regularly share them.  Send to

HELP PLEASE:  Can you check with your friends that they have had their newsletter.  Some have no emails and sometimes the newsletter may not get through.  Additionally keep in touch with everyone – these are times when friendships are important.

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