Wanted! Social Media Publicity Co-ordinator


Every committee, every now and again, has to recruit new members to replace those that want to retire or move away.

Social Media Publicity Co-ordinator

From Loraine Sherlock

I have been responsible for SGA publicity for several years, contacting magazines and other publications via email with information regarding our activities and exhibitions and have been successful in promoting our group.

However, times have changed and it has become increasingly important and relevant that a wider (and younger) audience is reached by using social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., all of which I do not use and am not familiar with.

So I am appealing for help from a member (or member’s relative) to help with this important, but by no means arduous or time consuming task, so that we can continue advertising all our events and enlightening the wider public of the benefits available to artists through membership of the SGA.

Please do not be shy of coming forward!

Loraine – email:  paperstitch@icloud.com


Martin Webster (Deputy Chair) – email: martinwebster52@icloudcom






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