Workshops and Life Drawing – Report by Andy Barker

It’s a strange world at the moment, I have just finished an ‘on line’ SGA committee meeting, from my apartment north of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia where I am happily marooned with a glass or two of Barrosa Valley Shiraz.  It was really nice this evening to see all my fellow SGA committee members looking safe and well, and I was very impressed with the work they continue to do on our behalves to keep the SGA ready for ‘the other side’ whenever that happy day will be.

Sadly, in the U.K. it may not be for some time and we had to make decisions on the next two Workshops and Life Drawing.  As you might expect the decision had to be made to cancel July and August, not least because current restrictions will not allow the halls where we might have held the events to open up as yet.  September may also be in doubt, but we will hold onto that event in the hope that it will go ahead and members will feel safe enough to attend. Rest assured that if any events do start up we will take every precaution available to us to make them as safe as possible.

So for the moment it’s a thank you to Karen Welsh and Fiona Forbes for accepting that their workshops will have to be postponed until next year.  Those of you who had booked and paid for those workshops should have received emails by now asking how you want your payment to be actioned, either a refund or held in credit by the SGA for a future workshop. Your decision will be recorded on our bookings system (thanks Derek).  If you think you are booked into these events and have not received an email, please email me at

We are holding out for a resumption of activities in September, particularly as we have the renowned watercolourist Charles Evans booked for that event.  We will be in touch, hopefully to confirm that workshop, at least a month before it.  We will of course give you plenty of notice to book for the other workshops planned for the remainder of the year as soon as we are in a position to resume.  The sooner the better as I for one miss them, and everybody’s smiling faces at Friday art.

We  plan to transfer any workshops postponed this year directly into next years programme and will keep you up to date through the newsletter (thanks to Terry).

However, as as I said at the start, I am marooned in Australia;  well there are worse places to self isolate, so cobbers, its back to the amber nectar and the odd very passable vino, no worries mates!

Seriously, stay safe and healthy, keep painting, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.


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