Informal Display Space at Teffont Village Hall

SGA Members might be interested to know that Teffont Village Hall have set up a  display space at the south end wall of their Hall.  The purpose is not only to provide a point of interest for the increasingly popular Saturday morning Cafe, but also to promote local artistic talent.  The exhibits will be seen by all the people who use the Hall.  There will be no hanging  fee but the Committee will charge 10% commission on any sales during the two month period of each display.  Exhibitors will be responsible for how their artwork is hung.  There is a hanging system comprising a vertical nylon cord suspended from the top, with hooks that move up and down as required.  The exhibits will be lit by a row of spotlights. If you are interested in displaying your work please contact Jean Howell, Cosy Cottage, Teffont, Salisbury SP3 5QY (01722 717483) (not on email).

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