Sheila Goodman P.S., S.W.A. Pastel Workshop Saturday 15th September 2018

Sheila is a professional artist who regularly exhibits in The Mall Gallery in London and also throughout the South of England.  She is a member of the Society of Women Artists and the Pastel Society.

Sheila gave us all an interesting workshop on pastels.  Her approach to the medium has gradually changed and she tries to convey the essence of a landscape in simplified forms.  She likes garden paintings and she showed us some of her recent ones to demonstrate how she worked.  She likes to use her own studies rather than photographs and she makes thumb nail sketches to work out where the darks and lights are for balance and to make a pleasing finished painting.  The finished sketch can be transferred to the paper by means of a grid system and all marks are simple and minimal.  To decide what colour of paper to use she looks at amounts of contrasts.  For brilliance she would need a dark colour or for a summery painting, it would be best in warm yellows.

For the colours in your palette you would require a large selection of both cool and warm, greens, blues and reds as well as the soft pale colours through to the browns and deep darks.

You can use ‘under painting’ if part of an area needs a deep background.  This can be achieved by the dry method or the wet method (used on Spectrum acrylic paper), which she demonstrated.  When painting always work from darks to lights and if you need to change an area it can be brushed off with a firm brush and rubbed off, to enable a fresh start.


Everyone managed to finish at least one painting and some even finished three!


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