Watercolour Workshop with Peter Cronin 23rd June 2018

From the start of the session the atmosphere was one of subdued excitement for all the members of SGA gathered in St. George’s Hall.  Peter oozed Welsh charm and enthusiasm.

During an enthralling demonstration it rapidly became apparent that he is a dedicated and highly skilled watercolour artist.  He was careful to lay out his plan for painting in a very organised way starting with a pencil sketch which focused on the areas he wanted to bring forward.  The painting itself was completed in well defined, easy to follow stages with the emphasis on tonal value rather than colour.  Initially Peter made free use of beautiful watercolour washes applied in stages and was economical with the detail that followed.  He proved to be a master of ‘lost’ and ‘found’ edges.  The result was fresh, subtle and semi abstract at times.  As you would expect he made it look easy!

During the afternoon we had a go ourselves at painting the little boat scene he had provided.  He dotted around the room giving useful tips where necessary.  It was all good fun as well as very instructive.  He finished the day by showing us how to draw a sketch which was really helpful.

Peter has written a book ‘Pure Watercolour Painting’.  He is a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Pure Watercolour Society and The Royal Watercolour Society.  He lives in South Wales and organizes Painting Breaks and Day Workshops at various locations.  He is available to do demonstrations to groups on enquiry but likes to fix up more than one in an area if he is travelling some distance.

Peter’s website is www.petercronin.org

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