Exhibitions for 2020


Clearly the exhibitions programme looking ahead to end of June will now change.  We will have to postpone organising the  second group of artists from May for the joint exhibition with Plain Arts at the Salisbury Medical Centre.  The 5 Rivers Exhibition scheduled for June is also likely to be postponed with the closure of the Leisure Centre.  We will be liaising with the management of both centres to establish revised timetables going forward and let you know as soon as we have alternative plans

Joint Exhibition with Plain Arts at the Salisbury Medical Centre from May 2020 (on hold)

Five Rivers Exhibition (on hold)

June 1st – Five Rivers Exhibition – Handing in

June 30th – Five Rivers Exhibition – Hand back

SGA Summer Exhibition

30th July – Summer Exhibition – Handing in at Salisbury Library, Gallery 4

August 1st – 29th – Summer Exhibition

September 1st: Tuesday: Hand back

SGA Christmas Exhibition

November 23rd: Christmas Exhibition at Salisbury District Hospital: Handing in at St. George’s Hall, Harnham

November 26th – January 7th 2021 Christmas Exhibition

January 11th 2021 – Hand back





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