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Salisbury Group of Artists Data Protection Policy

Contact details are recorded on the Membership Database, maintained by the Society’s Secretary. This is the principal record used for communication with members by Officers of the Society and Committee Members. This spreadsheet is updated with every membership change and is used to generate four further spreadsheets:-

  1. Publication List
    This spreadsheet is principally used for the distribution of the Society’s monthly Newsletter but will also be used by Committee members for the general distribution of information.
    This list is maintained by the Society’s Secretary.
  2. Renewal System
    This spreadsheet both feeds and is fed by the Membership Database to generate each month a reminder to members of the due date of their annual subscription. It also produces acknowledgement letters and second reminders.
    It is controlled and maintained by the Treasurer
  3. Stewarding Lists
    This spreadsheet is a duty roster and is also used to produce a stewarding list containing telephone details, which is sent to all members prior to the Summer Exhibition. All details are erased after use.
  4. Workshop Bookings
    A database is also maintained to record workshop bookings and payments along with a waiting list. The data is kept during the calendar year it relates to and is erased after use.
    It is controlled and maintained by the Society’s Secretary. The Chair and the workshop organiser have additional access to the system.

With the exception of emergency situations, contact details are not shared more widely without the express permission of the member concerned.

Contact details are deleted within twelve months of cessation of membership, unless requested otherwise by the persons concerned.

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