3- 30 August 2024


Online Submissions close on Monday 29th July.

Handing in:                                  

Wednesday 31st July 3.30 – 5pm ( Gallery Four)

Thursday 1st  August 10am -1.00pm (Gallery Four)       

Hanging: 1st (pm) and 2nd  August, all day.

Meet the artists: Saturday 3rd August (2pm to 4pm)

Exhibition finishes: Friday 30th August.

Hand back: Saturday 31stAugust 1pm – 3pm.



  • Four pieces of artwork. Up to two large pieces of original work of maximum size 80cm x 80cm . Minimum price £75. Submissions can be a painting, drawing, mixed media or relief, intaglio, mono and screen prints, sculpture, textile, digital art, photography, ceramic or any other form of art appropriately presented.
  • AND two small pictures, 30cmx 30cm, not including frame. No minimum price.
  • Please do not submit work that was shown in the SGA Spring Exhibition at the library. You may submit work which was shown at other venues.
  • Fees; £6 per large picture/piece and £3 for the first small picture. The second small picture is FREE. (maximum fee £15). Please pay at hand in.
  • The final decision on entries displayed rests with the Exhibitions Team. Artwork will be refused entry should the expected standards of presentation and framing (if framed) is not considered acceptable.
  • Browser works: Up to THREE items on paper, Giclee prints and prints produced from computers can be submitted. Will be listed on the day.
  • Submission of browser works is free if also submitting hanging work.
  • Members only submitting browser works will be charged £5 covering up to three
  • 20% commission for the library will be charged on any work sold.


Hanging requirements:

  • Framed work and canvases must have D- rings with taut cord approximately one third from the top of the frame. Screw eyes or any other system of hanging which may damage other frames are not acceptable.

Labelling: Each hanging item must have TWO clearly legible labels.

  • ONE: An adhesive label on the back with the artist’s name, title of picture, medium and price.
  • TWO: A label with the same information as above, tied to a hanging cord so that the label can hang over the front of the picture for cataloguing purposes.

Browser work must:

  • Be wrapped in a strong, clear plastic film, sealed at the back.
  • Be signed by the artist.
  • Have an adhesive label on the front top right-hand corner of each item showing the artist’s name, picture title, medium and price.
  • Have an additional label on the top left-hand corner stating:


  • This artist’s endorsement is extremely important. The buyer must be absolutely clear they are not buying ‘original work’. Any misrepresentation could expose the artist to wrongful accusations leading to action by the buyer.
  • Browsers will be put in the storeroom overnight for security.

Note covering all work:

Work that does not meet all of the above criteria will not be accepted. The most common reasons for rejection are poorly cut mounts, tatty frames and failure to follow instructions! Decisions by the Exhibitions Team are final.

AT HAND IN, members are requested to:

  • Un-wrap their work for presentation to the Exhibitions Team at the hand in table upstairs in Gallery 4.
  • Entries will be checked off against the pre advised submission information.
  • Fee payment can be by cash, cheque or card as we have an SGA reader.
  • Take away all wrapping.
  • Book in for stewarding, please! (See below).

Photography of work:

  • The Exhibitions Team may like to take photographs of artwork submitted for potential publicity use. Please let the Exhibitions Team know at hand in if you don’t want photographs taken.


The Exhibitions Team, the stewards and the Salisbury Library staff will take every reasonable care of the items submitted for exhibition. They do not accept liability for any damage or loss. The SGA buys insurance cover to protect from third party claims, eg. for injuries caused by any accident in the gallery caused by the SGA or its members.

Artists are therefore advised to make their own arrangements to insure their work.

  • People’s vote: The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite work throughout the exhibition.


Stewarding is an obligation that members accept in return for the opportunity to exhibit their work. This provides an extra level of security over and above that provided by the library. Stewards:

1. Are the focus for visitor’s queries.

2. Attend to sales of work.

3. Deal with membership enquiries.

  • Stewarding sessions are divided into morning (10am to 1 pm) and afternoon (1pm to 4pm) sessions.
  • Members will be asked to ideally do two sessions, normally in pairs, and sign up at hand in. Please bring diaries.

please email if you expeience any difficulty with the form.

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